05 December 2013

Open data and German coalition agreement - a step forward

The new German coalition agreement- all 185 pages – is available online. It is currently being voted on by SPD members. It includes a number of references to open data which constitute a step forward in the degree of visibility and political commitment at federal level in Germany:
  • Public sector data – p. 153

    The first open data projects in Germany demonstrate the potential of open data. The Federal administration with all its agencies must be a pioneer, on the basis of a law, for the provision of open data in standardized machine-readable formats and under free licence conditions. We want to provide an open data portal for federal, state and local governments. The coalition seeks to achieve Germany's accession to the international Open Government Partnership initiative.

  • Scientific information – p. 134

    We will develop a comprehensive open access strategy that improves the general conditions for an effective and permanent access to publicly funded publications and also to data (open data)

  • Transport data – p.44

    Our goal is a sustainable mobility culture and a user-friendly network of different modes of transport. We encourage multi-modal data platforms on an open-data basis containing information on mobility services, congestion, delays and schedule data. With the networking of transport information and ticketing systems people can be provided with innovative digital mobility services.

  • Bundestag proceedings – p. 152

    We want to expand digital coverage of the Bundestag and its meetings and of committee meetings and public hearings (e.g. by streaming). As soon as possible we will provide publications such as printed materials and minutes in open-data compatible formats under free licence conditions.