22 July 2011

EuropeanaConnect - Geographical Information Service Tools

GIS Tools developed in EuropeanaConnect allow users to query and display Europeana content based on spatial information, and to discover new relationships between content items, based on location. The EuropeanaConnect Gazetteer will give service providers access to over 9 million geographic names, co-ordinates, and boundaries. By enriching Europeana's metadata with these geographic references, it will be possible to identify features such as continents, countries, cities, monuments and rivers contained in the objects on Europeana. The information in the EuropeanaConnect Gazetteer has been collected from free data sources, which means there are no legal constraints to its use and re-use. The Geoparser is a web service that will use information extraction techniques to automatically identify names of places and historical periods that are mentioned in the unstructured text. The user then receives a list of geographic features that are referred to in that text. When used together with a gazetteer it has the capacity to assign coordinates and dates with the mentioned places and periods.