17 June 2011

DK - Data Hunters and Data Publishing on a Shoestring

(ePSI platfrom)
by Cathrine Lippert. The Danish open data initiative which we call 'Open Data Innovation Strategy' (ODIS) launched in early 2009. We've built a data catalogue, run a data contest, held a data conference, published easy-to-read guidelines and hosted a data camp. In 2010 we established a small unit of 'Data Hunters' to strengthen the ODIS initiative. The Data Hunters have three main tasks to open up government data for re-use: They respond to data re-users' requests for help to locate and get access to data, they go 'hunting for data' on their own initiative, and they help public bodies wanting to open up their data. You can think of them as the open data boy scouts. The Data Hunters first focused on the readily publishable aka ‘easy’ datasets. It turned out that quite a few of these datasets were in fact already available on public body websites – although often in hard-to-find locations or in impractical formats – and simply needed a little bit of polishing or some spotlight. The whole process of opening up our data was a lot easier, a lot quicker and much cheaper than anticipated.