26 May 2011

US - Open government sites scrapped due to budget cuts

(Washington Post)
Budget cuts are forcing the White House to abandon plans for two new Web sites tied to President Obama’s ambitious open government efforts. Officials with the Office of Management and Budget said they're scrapping a site that would have allowed federal employees to swap work tips and information and another that would have provided information on the quality of federal services to the general public. The cuts come after budget negotiators slashed the Electronic Government Fund from a requested $35 million to just $8 million. The fund helps finance government sites that track federal data, government contracting, government information technology and overall performance (respectively, Data.gov, USASpending.gov, the IT Dashboard and Performance.gov). Those sites will continue at current levels, but "several projects will experience a sharp decline given the limited amount of funding", White House Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra said in a letter. "No project will go unaffected".