22 May 2011

UK - Playboy claim that videos were too explicit for ATVOD regulation fails

(OUT-LAW News) Sexually explicit videos available on-demand on pornographic websites is 'television-like' content and is subject to UK video on demand regulations, Ofcom has ruled. Ofcom rejected Playboy TV's claim that it was not covered by the regulation of 'television-like' services because no television station would show content as explicit as it had. Video content in the UK is defined as being on-demand if the video content can be viewed any time by internet users; if a company has editorial control over it; if it is publicly available over the internet, and if it is being provided from the UK, according to the EU's Audio Visual Media Services Directive (AVMS Directive). Video on demand regulator the Association for Television on Demand (ATVOD) had ruled that two of Playboy's adult websites contained video on-demand services. That ruling was appealed to media regulator Ofcom, which upheld the decision in two rulings.