31 May 2011

EU - Open data and re-use of public sector information

In modern society, government bodies at all levels – local, regional, national, European and international – collect vast amounts of information as part of their public tasks. Dissemination and re-use of public sector information (PSI) can be seen as
  • a means to increase the transparency and accountability of government civic capital,
  • working to increase citizen participation in government activities
  • a means for improving internal government communication and efficiency
  • a vehicle for promoting economic activity and innovation
  • a means for international diplomacy and global information sharing
in addition to the reasons for which it was originally collected.

At the Digital Agenda Assembly (#daa11eu), the workshop dedicated to “Open Data and Re-Use of Public Sector Information” (hashtag is #daa11psi) will bring together policy makers, open data advocates, public sector content holders and commercial re-users of public sector information. Preparatory meetings have been held whose results will feed into the Digital Agenda Assembly discussions.