18 March 2011

A revolutionary moment

(John Carr)
16th March, 2011. Crowne Plaza Hotel. Brussels. If you are interested in how policy is made in the EU make a note of that date and place. Neelie Kroes is a Vice President of the European Commission. She has responsibility for the EU’s Digital Agenda. Kroes took up her post last year and not long afterwards acquired Robert Madelin as her new Director General for the Information Society and Media. On Wednesday Madelin delivered an electrifying, radical speech. Self-regulation is coming under enormous scrutiny. Proof it can work needs to be brought to ripeness quickly. For self-regulation to succeed in any industry, according to the Madelin doctrine, it must be founded on three basic principles. 1. Transparency. All stakeholders must be involved from the start. 2. Accountability. All the parties must set goals and agree the principles. 3. Monitoring. Agreed metrics are vital.