24 March 2011

EU - The Privacy Platform Meeting: Reding outlines the way forward

On 16 March 2011, Sophie In't Veld's Privacy Platform met in the European Parliament to discuss the state of play for the review of the data protection directive. In her keynote speech, Ms. Reding said that data protection was her "top legislative priority". She plans to enhance control and build individual rights in four pillars: 1. The right to be forgotten. Individuals have the right to withdraw consent to data processing, and it will be up to the data controllers to prove the need to collect or retain personal data. 2. Greater transparency. For data subjects, the use, collection and retention of personal data must be made clear, intelligible, easy to understand and easy to find. She made particular reference to social networking services and children. 3. The third pillar is "privacy by default". Privacy settings often require considerable operational effort in order to be put in place. Such settings are not a reliable indication of consumers' consent. This needs to be changed. 4. Data protection regardless of data location. The data subject will enjoy protection, independent of the geographical region where the data is being collected and processed, without exception for third-party providers. See Commissioner Reding's keynote speech, Your data, your rights: safeguarding your rights in a connected world.