10 December 2010

EU - Towards a Single Market for mobile roaming

Neelie Kroes European Commission Vice-President for the Digital Agenda GSMA Europe's Mobile Day – Annual Reception Brussels, 8 December 2010. Ordinary citizens and businesses cannot understand why operators charge at today's high levels. It is even more difficult for consumers to understand data pricing. Less than 5 cents for downloading a MB of data at home can turn into €2.60 per MB when they cross an invisible, and mostly artificial, border! It frustrates me to see that real price competition is not emerging in roaming services markets. Operators are generally setting roaming prices close to, or exactly at, the maximum allowable levels. Despite recent developments, I still see an average retail price that makes consumers' eyes water. Really. Frankly this is a nightmare for business people, for tourists, for young people in particular. See also Commission launches consultation on review of EU mobile phone roaming rules. The consultation runs until 11 February 2011.