03 December 2010

Domain name provider forces Wikileaks offline

The website of whistle-blowing organisation Wikileaks has been shut down by the company providing it with domain name services. EveryDNS.net said it had terminated services because Wikileaks.org had come under massive cyber attacks. It said the attacks threatened its infrastructure and endangered access to thousands of other websites. Wikileaks says it has faced disruption since it began publishing thousands of secret US diplomatic cables. The memos, which discuss US diplomatic relations and military activities, have been causing controversy across the world. In a post on Twitter, Wikileaks acknowledged that its domain had been "killed" by EveryDNS.net. It was not clear how long disruption to the site would last for. In a statement on its website, EveryDNS.net said it had issued a 24-hour termination notice to Wikileaks which ended at 0300 GMT on 2 December.