05 November 2010

Report: The State of the Electronic Identity Market

The State of the Electronic Identity Market: technologies, stakeholders, infrastructure, services and policies. Drafted collaboratively by European Commission JRC IPTS and Consult Hyperion. The report - explores the market and the economics of electronic identity, the changing infrastructural landscape, the structure of eID-enables service provisions, and relevant issues of policy - finds that usability, minimum disclosure and portability, essential features of future systems, are at the margin of the market and cross-country, cross-sector eID systems for business and public service are only in their infancy - provides evidence of the potential of eID for the Single Digital Market. Clear monitoring and analysis of this market is crucial for policy action on identification and authentication, eSignature and interoperability. Comments and enquiries to Wainer.lusoli@ec.europa.eu and/or Ioannis.maghiros@ec.europa.eu. The Institute for Prospective Technological Studies ipts.jrc.ec.europa.eu JRC