05 November 2010

EU - A digital world of opportunities - Neelie Kroes on copyright

Speech by Neelie Kroes, European Commission Vice-President for the Digital Agenda, Forum d'Avignon - Les rencontres internationales de la culture, de l'économie et des médias, Avignon, 5th November 2010. We must ensure that copyright serves as a building block, not a stumbling block. Our fragmented copyright system is ill-adapted to the real essence of art, which has no frontiers. It irritates the public ... and leaves a vacuum served by illegal content. It suits vested interests to avoid a copyright debate, or to frame the debate in moralistic terms that merely demonise millions but that is not sustainable. Time alone will not solve the problems that have emerged. Instead of a dysfunctional copyright system based on a series of cultural Berlin walls, I want a return to sense.