08 August 2010

Logging Off - The Internet Generation Prefers the Real World

(Der Spiegel)
They may have been dubbed the "Internet generation," but young people are more interested in their real-world friends than Facebook. New research shows that the majority of children and teenagers are not the Web-savvy digital natives of legend. In fact, many of them don't even know how to google properly. A study by the Hans Bredow Institute entitled Growing Up With the Social Web was particularly thorough in its approach. In addition to conducting a representative survey, the researchers conducted extensive individual interviews with 28 young people. Once again it became clear that young people primarily use the Internet to interact with friends. They go on social networking sites like Facebook and the popular German website Sch├╝lerVZ, which is aimed at school students, to chat, mess around and show off - just like they do in real life.