20 June 2010

UK - BBC Worldwide moves into pay-to-play gaming

BBC Worldwide is to make its first foray into pay-to-play gaming linked to TV programming with an online version of The Weakest Link. The move marks a toe in the water for BBC Worldwide in its bid to open up new revenue streams as it faces a loss of income from having to hive off part of its magazines. BBC Worldwide has licensed company Amuso.com to launch the game and it is not taking revenue from players. The BBC claims that there are online protection systems to try to avoid under-18s signing up and gambling. If any player makes more than a £50 deposit the game asks for identity validation through a scanned copy of a driver's licence or passport. Players are asked to register a birth date during registration. A paid-for check using the 192 verification service backs up name, address and birth date details.