17 June 2010

AU - Minister launches panic button for kids

Australian Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has launched a "help button" tool for parents to install on their computers for their children to use if they are bullied online. The software-based button was launched at the 2010 Cyber-Safety and Youth Advisory Group (YAG) Summit in Canberra, which involves 50 primary and secondary school members from across Australia, along with their parents and teachers, providing their views on a range of federal government cyber-safety programs and initiatives. Senator Conroy said the new button would provide internet users, particularly children and their parents, "easy access to relevant cyber-safety information and assistance". If a child runs into trouble, they can click the button and be directed to a website that shows them what they can do — for example, showing how to report issues to Facebook or how to report something to the police. The minister said that the YAG members would test the button and provide feedback to the Federal Government before the final version was released.