30 April 2010

US - Facebook's impending fight with D.C. (FAQ)

Mounting concerns about Facebook's handling of users' private data have hit a tipping point: Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) petitioned the Federal Trade Commission to request that the agency address the issue of social networks' privacy policies. Then Schumer teamed up with three other Democratic senators on an open letter to Zuckerberg to express similar concerns. This happened because of a series of big announcements by Facebook at its F8 developer conference, all of which detail its ambitions to be the arbiter of digital identity or, if you like transportation metaphors, to own and control the roads that bring together the far-reaching corners of the social Web. It's complex, but to sum it all up, your Facebook profile information will now be able to be transported to third-party sites in far deeper ways than its Facebook Connect universal log-in service offered. see also Why It Is Too Late To Regulate Facebook (Business Insider) and Facebook’s ex privacy officer blasts its new moves (SocialBeat).