18 March 2010

US - FCC announces Children's Agenda for Digital Opportunity

Speech by Chairman Genachowski. A recent Kaiser study found that children consume recreational media 7-and-a-half hours a day, and are consuming nearly 11 hours' worth of content. When the same study came out in 2004 and reported 6 hours of daily media consumption, experts said it was impossible for the number to go higher. Apparently, mobile phones and the Internet have pierced the space-time continuum. Instinctively, these numbers have us concerned. The finding that heavy media users are more than twice as likely as light users to have bad grades suggests that we should trust our instincts. So parents are left asking if they should be embracing these new technologies or worrying about them. The answer: We have to do both. The FCC will work to do both with our Children's Agenda for Digital Opportunity, which I'm happy to announce today. This strategy builds on four core pillars: digital access, digital literacy, digital citizenship, and digital safety. See also News Release.