10 December 2009

US - White House unveils open government directive

The Obama administration has officially unveiled its Open Government directive, a document that charges each federal agency with making high value data publicly available and with quickly coming up with formal open government plans. Among the major points of the directive (PDF), it:
  • Requires federal agencies to make a minimum of three "high-value" data sets available within 45 days.
  • Directs that within 60 days, the White House will launch a dashboard on Whitehouse.gov that will be used to hold each agency accountable for the contents of the directive.
  • Commits each federal agency to launching its own open government Web site.
  • Says that within 90 days, agencies will receive guidance from the federal Office of Management and Budget about creating challenges and contests for how best to use publicly available data.
  • And mandates that within 120 days, each agency will create an open government plan geared towards ensuring that the philosophies of openness, transparency, and collaboration are permanently "hardwired."
See also an interview with Beth Noveck, the Obama administration's deputy chief technology officer for open government, a principal contributor to the new directive.