16 December 2009

NL - Notice and Take Down Procedure for .nl Domain Names

SIDN, the .nl registry, is one of the prime movers behind the Notice and Take Down Code. Developed in 2008 under the auspices of the NICC, the Code describes how internet service providers should respond if someone complains that the content of a website is unlawful or criminal. SIDN has introduced a version of the Code tailored to the .nl domain. As the .nl registry, SIDN’s role in the context of Notice and Take Down (NTD) is limited to three fields of activity. The first of these fields is advice and referral. What types of complaint can you make, and who can you make them to? For example, if you see something on a website you are unhappy with, the first person to talk to is the person who put it there; next you might go to the organisation that runs the website, then the firm that hosts it and the internet access provider. Only if none of these people and organisations will intervene should you take your complaint to the registry (SIDN). Second, SIDN can play a role in the provision of information. When someone complains to us about the way a domain name is being used, we can tell the complainant about the domain name in question, who the registrant is and which registrar manages the registration. Third, in the last resort, if all other possible ways of getting criminal or unlawful content removed from a website have been tried and failed, SIDN can take the domain name out of use.