22 December 2009

2010-03-23 CoE, Strasbourg - Octopus Interface on Cooperation against Cybercrime

The next Octopus Interface on Cooperation against Cybercrime will take place in Strasbourg on 23-25 March 2010. It will gather cybercrime experts from public and private sectors; international and non-governmental organisations to discuss the issues of security and the protection of fundamentals rights on the Internet as well as to share good practices in implementing the Convention on Cybercrime and its Protocol. The Conference will also focus on the following topics: Effective measures against the sexual exploitation and abuse of children on the internet; The Convention on Cybercrime as a global framework; Cybercrime training for judges and prosecutors;aw enforcement responsibilities: the role of high-tech crime units, CERTs/CSIRTs, registries and registrars; Mapping networks against cybercrime; Technical cooperation against cybercrime. See first outline of the Conference.