09 November 2009

EU - INHOPE celebrated its 10th anniversary

INHOPE was founded in 1999 with 8 Member hotlines in Europe. Today, INHOPE has 35 Members all over the world, in 25 European countries, as well as international members from the US, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Japan, South Africa, Russia and South Korea. The main objective of the network is to fight against illegal content online, and especially against child sexual abuse images. A Hotline is where the general public can report illegal Internet content, primarily child sexual abuse images. Illegal activity on the Internet is a cross border problem that no organisation can effectively tackle alone. Often illegal material reported to Hotlines is hosted beyond the borders of their own country and the national jurisdiction. The global network of INHOPE member hotlines provides a means to pass the relevant information, without delay, to be handled in the country where the site is hosted. Hotlines have the support of their national government, Internet industry, law enforcement, and Internet users in the country of operation and they offer effective transparent procedures for dealing with reports. The expansion of the network around the globe has increased the ability to remove child sex abuse images from the Internet and in consequence help to protect the children behind the images.