25 October 2009

EU - Telecoms package - a Pirate's viewpoint

(Christian Engström, Pirate MEP)
The European Parliament's delegation to the Telecoms Package conciliation process had a stormy meeting last Tuesday. It then adopted a text to serve as the basis for the continued negotiations with the Council of Ministers. On Thursday, the Council replied by proposing a modified version of that text. I called their proposal "An insult to the Parliament". The Parliament's text tries to stop Member States from creating laws and institutions to shut people off en masse from the Internet, without even a proper trial before it happens. The goal is to stop things like the French Hadopi law, or similar laws that are currently being prepared in the UK. I will go through the beginning of the text and point out what the various changes that the Council insisted on actually mean, and why the difference between the two versions is the difference between a yes or a no to Hadopi laws.