09 July 2009

US - Best practices for online child safety

(Google Policy Blog)
by Jennifer Marsh, Policy Analyst. Protecting children online is a shared responsibility. The PointSmart.ClickSafe. Task Force, of which we're a member, is an important example of how industry leaders, safety advocates, and community organizations are working together keep kids safe online. This morning the Task Force released its Recommendations for Best Practices for Online Safety and Literacy, the culmination of a year-long effort. The most important and timely recommendation from the report (which previous online safety task forces all agree upon) is the need for digital media literacy and safety education that empowers kids, parents, and educators. It's important that kids of all ages learn what it mean to be a digital citizen and how to navigate the online world safely, and it's equally important that parents and educators have the resources and online tools to help kids make the right choices online.