10 July 2009

EU - Public consultation on use of the Digital Dividend radio spectrum

Public consultation "Transforming the digital dividend opportunity into social benefits and economic growth in Europe" The purpose of this consultation document is to obtain comments and views from all interested stakeholders on the use of the Digital Dividend radio spectrum released through the transition to digital terrestrial television. It outlines proposals being considered as part of the planned EU roadmap, both for short term action as well as longer-term policy debate, in order to assist the Commission in finalising these proposals.All citizens and organisations are welcome to contribute to this consultation. Contributions are sought particularly from private citizens, from representatives of Member States' authorities, broadcasters, wireless and mobile operators, the programme-making and special events community, and other users or potential users of radio spectrum affected by the Digital Dividend policy actions. The deadline for submitting responses is 4 September 2009. See consultation document.