09 July 2009

EU - Digital Europe - Europe's Fast Track to Economic Recovery

Speech by Viviane Reding, EU Commissioner for Telecoms and Media. The Ludwig Erhard Lecture 2009. Lisbon Council, Brussels, 9 July 2009. See also EU plans overhaul of Internet download rules (Reuters). The European Union needs new rules for Internet downloads that would make it easier for people to access music and films without resorting to piracy, the bloc's telecoms chief said. Mapping out the priorities for the EU's executive arm over the next five years, EU Telecommunications Commissioner Viviane Reding said it should consider new laws that would reconcile the interests of intellectual property owners and Internet surfers. "It will therefore be my key priority to work... on a simple, consumer friendly legal framework for accessing digital content in Europe's single market, while ensuring, at the same time, fair remuneration (for) creators," she told a seminar.