15 July 2009

CH - Examining the Effects of Child Pornography

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By Cory Silverberg. Researchers in Switzerland took unique advantage of a 2002 sweep of child pornography viewers in Zurich to examine what the relationship between viewing child pornography and sexually offending against children might be. Researchers got the names of 231 men charged with viewing child pornography in 2002. They searched their criminal records prior to 2002 and also recorded any convictions or police investigations between 2002 and 2008. The researchers surmise that viewing child pornography alone isn't, at least among these men, enough of a risk factor to predict that they will commit a hands-on sexual offense against a child. The consumption of Internet child pornography and violent and sex offending. Jerome Endrass , Frank Urbaniok , Lea C Hammermeister , Christian Benz , Thomas Elbert , Arja Laubacher and Astrid Rossegger. BMC Psychiatry 2009.