08 April 2009

EU - Roundtable on Online Data Collection, Targeting and Profiling

Keynote Speech by Meglena Kuneva, European Consumer Commissioner, Brussels, 31 March 2009. See also Behavioural Targeting At The European Consumer Summit (EDRI-gram). The European Commission Directorate - General for Health & Consumers organized the European Consumer Summit on "Consumer Trust in the Digital Market Place" held in Brussels on 1 and 2 April, 2009. The agenda featured policy workshops on 'Consumer challenges and opportunities in the digital world' and 'Consumer advocacy'. In a preceding 'Roundtable on Online Data Collection, Targeting and Profiling' hosted by the Directorate-General for Health & Consumers on 31 March experts and stakeholders' input had been generated in order to feed back into the main event. In her key note speech Commissioner Meglena Kuvena observed that "personal data is the new oil of the Internet and the currency of the digital world" - a reality to be accepted in exchange for free content online. However, well established consumer protection principles, including the applicable data protection regulations, are not fully complied with in the "World Wide Web (...) turning out to be the world 'wild west'."