20 March 2009

UK - Generation sexting

(Dail Mial)
What teenage girls really get up to on the internet should chill every parent. Like a real porn star, Becky is heavily made up and lying naked on the bed as the camera flashes. She could be just another glamorous model as she poses provocatively with practised moves. But she isn't. Shockingly, Becky is just 17 and still at school. She's filming herself in a friend's bedroom in a large, detached house in leafy suburbia as her schoolfriends party downstairs. Becky has not been coerced into this degrading behaviour. She is posing on her own, taking photographs of herself not for profit - but for attention. Welcome to the deeply alarming new world of privileged British teenagers who have a growing obsession with pornography. I discovered this trend - one which will horrify parents everywhere - during a BBC Radio 4 investigation into online pornography.