16 March 2009

EU - Young people and emerging digital services

Lusoli, W., & Miltgen, C. (2009). Young People and Emerging Digital Services. An Exploratory Survey on Motivations, Perceptions and Acceptance of Risks (JRC Scientific and Technical Reports EUR 23765 EN). W. Lusoli, R. Compa├▒├│ & I. Maghiros (Eds.) Sevilla: EC JRC IPTS. This survey has a twofold objective: identifying a) young people's perception of the risks that the new eID technologies may pose and b) young people's acceptance levels of these risks, and their general motivation and intent regarding the use of these new technologies. In summary, the survey should identify the key factors that should encourage or support the development of actual and potential eID-based services, in the views of young European consumers.