05 February 2009

US - Sex offenders booted off MySpace

Social networking site MySpace has deleted the accounts of 90,000 users it has identified as sex offenders. The site was responding to a call from state attorneys general in the US to provide a list of offenders on its roster. MySpace and rival site Facebook have committed to making their sites safer for the growing number of young users. However, Facebook's measures to keep sex offenders off its site have been called into question. The 90,000 sex offenders found on MySpace represent a significant increase and the figure is nearly twice that predicted by MySpace officials last year in a preliminary estimate. See also Conn. AG to MySpace: Turn over sex offender data (CNET), CT, NC Attorneys General Say MySpace Response To Subpoena Reveals 90,000 Registered Sex Offenders With Profiles (Press Release), Thousands Of MySpace Sex Offender Refugees Found On Facebook (TechCrunch), MySpace, Facebook spar over family safety (CNET), Sex offenders in social sites: Consider the facts (Net Family News) and doing the math on MySpace and registered sex offenders (danah boyd).