25 January 2009

Internet Safety Technical Task Force Report

(danah boyd)
A year ago, I teamed up with John Palfrey and Dena Sacco to co-direct the Internet Safety Technical Task Force. Going into this Task Force, I was extremely naive. I genuinely believed that people were making bad policy, bad technology, and bad decisions because they lacked the data or knowledge to interpret the data. I thought that presenting data would motivate people to innovate and devise solutions to help kids. I was wrong. I'm used to folks dismissing qualitative work because they don't understand it, but I've never before witnessed so many people reject solid quantitative studies done by reputable organizations that are replicated with different sampling techniques across different studies. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect someone to say to me, "Go find other data." See also Challenging Assumptions About Online Predators (Washington Post)