26 January 2008

Web disconnection threat to downloaders

Internet users who illegally share music could face having the plug pulled on their web connection after record labels yesterday called for new legislation to tackle digital piracy. New figures showed music sales continued to decline, down by about 10% in 2007 as strong growth in digital revenues failed to offset the continuing slump in CD sales and the effects of piracy. Global sales via the internet and mobile phones grew by 40% to an estimated $2.9bn (£1.48bn). The 2008 IFPI digital music report said that for every song sold legitimately through services such as Apple's iTunes music store, an estimated 20 were downloaded illegally. John Kennedy, chief executive of the IFPI, said it was time internet service providers (ISPs) took responsibility for file sharers and predicted that the threat of disconnection would prove a greater deterrent than legal action.